Every time I put on these shoes, someone stops me and asks where they came from

Introduced, the best boots you have ever had.

This is a story about two boots that hold a good place in my heart for months. And while they look simple in photos, I absolutely love them whenever I put them on. Now repeat that sentence in the tune “Absolutely (Girl’s Story)” before continuing to read.

In all seriousness, I have a lot of boots – like so many ways that he can fit in my little NYC apartment. But in every boot of my wardrobe, from war to knee to mountain climbing to the rain, there is one pair among the most luxurious and recommended in my collection: Heartbreaker Boot from Thursday Boots.

Outside the box, I didn’t know these boots were anything else. The front of the pointed toes, the shiny black leather, the geometric heel – the details just blew the air away. The soft, fluffy skin needed time off, which is great for me, as my feet are on the wide side. I had just given up hope of being able to properly wear the pointing boot until these Thursday firms proved I didn’t need to.

Thursday Boot Company Women’s Heartbreak Bootie

A three-inch geometric heel heel was the perfect height; it gave me a subtle rise without making my 5’8 -make me feel too high. The heel is also fitted to the anti-slip base that I actually tested on a day in NYC. I did not slip, until I walked up a steep, slippery slope.

Inside, the boots have a shocking insole that creates the shape of your foot with repetitive wear, and while high-heeled shoes often don’t fit me when I knew I was going to step into my footsteps, I could have worn these well for city walks – no sore feet even after my pedometer hit 12,000 steps .

I love these boots, and I am not alone. Every time I put them on, I stop and ask where they came from. I was at the harvest market last year, and a group of girls came running from me across the room, finally running to me to ask where they were from. I’ve been asked about them on the train, in the store, at the hair shops – everywhere. Obviously there is something wrong with them. Simply put, they are perfect black shoes, and are too good to be shared with the world.

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