Finding it hard to resist eating at night? This will help you eat healthy in the evening!

The New Year has just begun and that means everyone (briefly) pays attention to what they are eating. During the day, we have no problem keeping our decision of healthy eating, but at night that entails eating all the contents of the refrigerator raises its bad head.

Why is it so hard to eat healthy at night?

It’s evening
You start your day with a bowl of low-fat quark, muesli and other fruits. In the afternoon, you have a vegetable omelet, and in the middle you chop some carrots. Satisfied and happy with what you have done, you come home at night and prepare a bowl of rice with lots of vegetables and chicken. Well done today! Unfortunately, an hour after dinner, you get an irresistible urge to eat everything you can find in your fridge and cupboards. Why does this continue to happen?

According to researchers at Texas A&M University, this is because you still have a large amount of self-control at the beginning of the day, and this self-control disappears as the day progresses. Besides, researchers say that you are always looking for things that you don’t have. If you have ever cut yourself off from eating any foods rich in carbs, you may be looking for more lumps. That’s why researchers recommend that you allow certain ‘guilty’ foods during the day, to prevent overdrinking later that night.

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