Google Fitbit acquisition is approved by the EU

The acquisition of Fitbit by Google was approved by the European Commission, following a four-month investigation.

The acquisition giant bought the tracking company for $ 2.1bn (£ 1.5m) in November 2019 – but the EU warned that the acquisition could hurt competition.

Google has made a series of promises to address the problems of researchers.

The commission’s vice-president Margarethe Vestager said the agreement would keep the clothing market “open and competitive”.

European Commission expresses concern for Google:

  • use a portion of Fitbit data in targeted advertising, making it harder for competitors to compete
  • exclude third parties from the Fitbit platform
  • leave competent competitors competing with their compatibility with Google’s Android operating system

Google has now promised:

  • misuse of health, fitness data and location from Fitbit devices for advertising, to users in the European Economic Area
  • to store Fitbit “cell” data, it is kept separate from any other data used for advertising
  • maintaining third-party access to the Fitbit platform
  • not to degrade the experience of a third-party smartwatches user when paired with an Android phone

Commitment should be maintained for 10 years.

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