Google is finally bringing the Gboard app to the Wear OS smartwatches

Google is finally adding Gboard to the Wear OS for smartwatches. The new Gboard app comes with multiple input options, advanced suggestions and adjustments, and multilingual support as well. Gboard will be available with a new update of Wear OS set to be released in the coming days. Google also said more plans were made for Wear OS this year.

The new Gboard app on Wear OS is a big deal because Google has not released a major update to smartwatches. With Gboard, it will be easier for Wear OS users to type in their smartwatch, and connect with other apps. Google has also confirmed that it retains key features of the Gboard application in the Wear OS. Users type typing using a variety of input methods including the QWERTY keyboard, touch input, or voice-in-hand typing input. There is also an emoji palette on Gboard that can be used in Wear OS.

Typing on smartwatches is not easy so any shortcut is always welcome. The Gboard app on the Wear OS will display scrolling suggestions when sending a text. There is also a preview screen where you can review and edit your message along with suggestions and corrections. Google has also added multilingual support, and this can be accessed directly from the app. A language shortcut will appear at the bottom of the screen, and users can tap on it to select their preferred language. Gboard will be set to the smartwatch language by default.

Google has not given a specific date for when the Gboard app will arrive on Wear OS but will be available in the coming days. This is definitely a major update, and we can see some of the features revealed in Google I / O this month.

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