Gucci’s retreat from catwalk shows will put the brakes on fast fashion

Gucci is moving away from the traditional cat calendar and cutting its shows from five to two a year.

Sofie Willmott, Lead Analyst at RetailData at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her perspective on these issues; “The COVID-19 epidemic gives luxury models the opportunity to step back and look at the high cost and environmental impact of international tourists to watch catwalk shows, Gucci becoming the first major brand to come out, paving the way for others to follow suit and signify the beginning of a big change for the fashion industry. rotates three hundred large catwalk shows for spring and autumn collections and the changes will create a shopping market that covers shopping cycles, range planning, store, marketing campaigns and other areas related to publishing, PR, event planning, travel and more.

“Changes driven by sustainable concerns are coming from both ends of the fashion market. While some luxury brands are showing a willingness to move away from fashionable fashion shows and seasonal launch cycles, younger consumers are increasingly free to buy market-ready clothing such as Depop\’s growing popularity. parts of the retail market, once able to monetize consumers’ desire for new and fashionable pieces, should be prepared for fast fashion to begin to decline. ”

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