Hate to do push-ups? We have 7 exercises that you should try instead

We’ve got you a trick sheet that will make you go bonkers as after this you will no longer do push-ups to get the upper body carved.

Let’s face it – most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Most of us are afraid of the exercise that reduces the pain, as we strive to get rid of it. However, the sad truth is that not doing pushups is a big obstacle for your upper body. And you know! But what if we told you that you could find a murderer without a single click? Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.

Here are seven exercises you can do instead of push-ups:

  1. Press the mute bench
    To make a dumb bench press first and lie on your back on a dumb bench with each hand just on the sides of your shoulders. Make sure the palms of your hands are facing your feet.
    Now with an exhale press the upper parts of your chest by stretching your elbows until your arms are straight, then lower the weights down slightly.
  2. Bear crawling
    To do this, start at an angle where your hips are high compared to the elevated position with both knees bent. During this crawl, your arms and legs will move at the same time. If you want to flex your upper arms and muscles then carrying a crawl is a great way to do it.
  3. A dog up and down
    It starts in the lower dog area but weighs in the front arms instead of the hands. Exhale as you push the palms of your hands as you raise your hands, lift your hips towards the ceiling and enter the normal position of the descending dog. Take a deep breath at rest and remove the palms of your hands and lower your elbows down, one repetition.
  4. Shadow punches
    Stand with your feet wide and raise your fists in front of your chin or nose. Now strike right in front of you. Remember that your knuckles should come forward. Use both arms in rotation with shadow fists.
    To start, you can make 50 air punches with each hand. Just remember to keep your main muscles and arm strong.
  5. Triceps flexion
    Down the triceps, sit with your legs bent in front of you, hands down on your hips and fingers pointing at your body. Raise your hips up to the ground, in the first place. Bend your elbows and use your upper body strength to lower your hips upside down, then stretch back to the starting position one rep.
  6. Wooden arm
    This is a common plank. The longer you sit in the plank, the more it will affect your upper body.
  7. Side or round side
    So, start with the position of the real plank, open your waist and chest facing your left side first considering the shape of the side plank, raise your right arm towards the ceiling, and now the real work begins.

Rotate back to the starting position and back to the side of the plank to raise your right arm again. Do the same thing when turning your side from left to right.

You can see when you do push-up muscles aimed at your chest, back, arms, shoulders, spine, glutes and legs. Basically, it is a complete workout. All these muscles, make the same muscles give you the same benefits.

So, now there is no fear of pushing because you have some better ways to try in the gym.

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