Have you ever sleep with wet hair? That’s why you NEVER do that!

Never sleep with wet hair
It is a very good feeling to bathe before bed. You feel clean and sleep better when you get into bed completely clean. When you also wash your hair, you lie down on your pillow with wet hair, but you should really stop doing that. Sleeping with wet hair is all not a good idea, so we recommend that you change your hair before hitting the hay.

You can seriously damage your hair if you do not dry it before bed.

Your hair is extremely fragile when wet, which is why you should never brush it before it dries. By washing your hair with shampoo, you are washing natural oil which means your hair is not protected. If you fall asleep with wet hair and move your head around your pillow, your hair will break easily. The result: a dry and shy head. That’s not what you want! Too bad you put your wet hair in a ponytail or ponytail before bed. Your hair may not fit your pillow, but instead the elastic band hurts a lot.

Besides, sleeping with wet hair is also unclean. Pillows are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Sweat, dead skin cells and fat remain behind inside and out. Apply wet hair where mixed with the pillow will be moist, and germs like moist areas. This means you can end up with mold in your pillow. Great! So, strengthen your hair before you come in next time! And if you really don’t feel like putting on your hair, we recommend that you wash your hair only in the morning and never before going to bed.

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