It’s scary: that’s why you better stop drinking orange juice!

Obviously, orange juice is not as good for you as cola
Do you like to drink a glass of fresh orange juice for your breakfast? We did the same, but when we saw this, we immediately changed our minds. It turns out that orange juice is not nearly as healthy as we thought. In fact, it should be as bad as the collar.

We’ll stop having that sweet OJ glass from now on…

The Dutch Health Council explains that citrus fruit juice is absorbed by the body very quickly because it enters the body dead. Because they enter the body so quickly, the body easily converts this sugar into fat. This means that you can gain weight very quickly, and people with high body fat will have a higher chance of getting diabetes. Everything from a glass of orange juice!

Did you know that if you drink one glass of orange juice daily, you will consume more than 53,000 calories every year? Orange juice is not only high in calories, but also high in sugar. One glass of OJ per day accounts for 14 kilos of sugar per year. A glass of orange juice contains a sugar almost the same as a glass of cola. So, even though the orange juice sounds healthy, it will not help you lose weight.

If we have not yet confirmed that orange juice is as unhealthy as many people think, we will set out some facts. Aside from calories and sugar, orange juice has a further downside. So next time, we will think twice about drinking a glass of OJ – or two or three – for our breakfast.

It’s not full
Otherwise, you will drink too much juice before you know it. If you were to put an amount of oranges in one OJ glass on a plate, you would feel full faster than when you were drinking it as juice. A smoothie can be a better alternative because smoothies contain more fiber. As a general rule, however, it is healthier to eat fruit rather than to drink it.

Vitamin C
Do you want to increase your vitamin C intake without eating orange juice? Many vegetables contain more vitamin C than oranges. One orange contains about 50 to 75 milligrams of vitamin C. Broccoli, red pepper and kale, on the other hand, contain 90 milligrams of vitamin C. You can easily go without your daily glass of OJ and continue your vitamin diet by adding more of these vegetables to your diet. Eat an orange in the morning and add one of these three vegetables to your dinner to increase your level of vitamin C.

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