Ivanka Trump Wears A Dress That Looks Away Like That From The Slave Tale

Is that green in Gilead?

Last night, Ivanka Trump joined her father in the Oval Office as she signed the Technology Modernization Centers of Excellence Program Act. In a tweet, Ivanka said it had been a major agreement for a coalition government, allowing for “creative, responsive, and effective.” But while the actual act could not make many headlines, Ivanka’s dress got more of a second look, as many people saw similarities between her tie dress and a particular costume from Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

The Instagram account @dietprada provided a mixed comparison, noting that Ivanka’s dress looks exactly like “Gilead green.” And it wasn’t just color: details of the tie-neck, high collar, and long sleeves all seemed to be a way of praising Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel.

Ivanka had worn a dress before – especially at an event in Bucks County back in September. Even then, she compared the program, with commentators noting that she was dressed in the same color as Serena Joy, the first Gilead-trained woman, ahem, to match everything that happened around her.

Ivanka did not comment publicly on the choice of clothing and also Natalie Bronfman, the designer of the costume behind The Handmaid’s Tale. In an interview with Glamor, Bronfman mentioned that he has pictures of the first woman Melania Trump on his emotional boards about the appearance of the show, including this tweet:

“That was right for Christmas and someone sent it to us, so we set it up because we were in the middle of building all these slave girls outfits,” she told the magazine.

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