Jackets, threat and boots: These things you need to wear an ace dress

The sartorial hit of 2020? Wearing a dress. As world uncertainty increased, fashion became increasingly common with luxury stones and snuggly textures in luxury items. Think of soft flannel coats, cashmere poncho jerseys, tops, scarves and pasminas. Katie Holmes and Gigi Hadid were the first to adopt the practice. The first was seen wearing a thick fur coat on New York streets, and Hadid was spotted with his newborn baby wrapped in a long brown coat wearing a long jacket, blue jeans and boots.

Look for cool warm coats, puffer jackets, cozy puffers so you don’t get cold and add devil-may-care energy to you looking winter. If a fur coat is what you want then Stella McCartney could be where the search ends. Want to feel alert? You can rely on Balenciaga’s large wool coat in pink. The engraved wraps and skirts make a great addition to you – you can rely on Burberry’s signature number or add colors in a colorful Missoni style.

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