Kamala Harris was dressed white enough for this historic moment

On this night when Pamela Harris made history in many parts, the vice-president-elect chose white trousers that will go into his first state of the nation address – covering his election and fighting for women’s rights.

The National Woman’s Party, an American political party founded in 1913, adopted white, gold, and purple as its colors, white as “a token of purity.” Geraldine Ferraro, the first woman to run for president, wore a white suit in 1984 when she accepted the Democratic nomination; Hillary Clinton is famous for wearing white trousers on special occasions during her presidential race. In February, the women of the House Democrats were dressed in white to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the women’s vote during the State of the Union address.

Harris cited that milestone in his speech, respectfully, saying, “All women working to protect and defend the right to vote for more than a century: One hundred years ago by the 19th Amendment, 55 years ago by voting for the Rights Act, now, 2020, and a new generation of women in the country Our constituents continue to fight for their basic right to vote and be heard. Tonight, I think of their struggle, their determination and the strength of their vision – to see what can be loosened by what is already there – standing on their shoulders.

While Harris often favors dark navy blue suits (a lot has been done, too, with his Converse penchant and pearls), he wore a white suit this past January when he took the oath of office at President Trump’s trial. For this most exciting occasion, she chose a suit from New York-based women’s brand Carolina Carolina Herrera.

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