Kate Beckinsale’s Dress Skating From Serendipity Is Chic but Mind-Boggling

If there is one holiday tradition I will never go out of, it comes with a cup of hot coconut, a fur coat, and a line of holiday rom-coms. There’s a basic, true: Holiday, Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, all I watch every December with so much enthusiasm and enthusiasm, you might think I’ve never seen each movie before so many times.

One of the most notable titles of this kind is Serendipity, starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack in all their 2000 glory. Beckinsale plays the role of Sarah, the British expatical british, and Cusack plays the role of Jonathan, the favorite but beloved New Yorker. The two met happily in bustling Bloomingdale five days before Christmas when they both reached for the same black cashmere gloves at the same time. (For this reason alone, along the way, I will always argue that Serendipity is also a fashion movie.)

After fighting with someone at the last minute who bought the gloves, Jonathan says Sarah can get them. As a token of gratitude, he is serving one of those hot frozen chocolates from the NYC’s Serendipity 3 restaurant. .

Jonathan is skeptical but beaten, so he agrees to play when Sarah introduces him to a real protest demonstration show designed to test fate and decide if they were meant to be together. At first they parted ways, only to find that they had both left things behind in the restaurant. And what do you know? They meet again and again. See? Fate!

Determined to continue the evening, Jonathan suggests that they do something. “What do you want to do?” Asks Sarah. “I don’t care,” she replies, which sounds a bit confusing but in the movie it’s actually a romantic affair.

Cut to Central Park, where star lovers go through ice skates and ask questions about their factoids. It is snowing. The city sky is illuminated in the background. It’s a absolutely lovely scene. But there’s one thing I can’t always do when I look at it: Isn’t Sarah cold?

For some reason, she puts on her best nightgown gown and goes out of the snow with a look that looks very cool: a mini-skirt with a tight fit, a lightweight cardigan, and a thin red scarf. When checked, she has a green tank top at the bottom of the cardigan – so she’s wearing layers professionally – but still. While this look is stylish and I would really wear it today, its inefficiency has always been frustrating for me.

Let’s talk about this: Why did Sarah take off her coat, especially when it was snowing? Obviously it’s cold enough to snow, so it should be, what, at least 30 degrees? Why did Jonathan – who is apparently in love with the woman he just met – never do the gentleman’s thing and give him his coat? And why not wear his new cashmere gloves to keep warm, considering how hard he struggled? Lots of questions.

You can only imagine how confused my confusion was when Sarah kept falling back on the ice, giving herself a nasty blow on her arm. If you could only put on your coat, Sarah! However, if he had not taken the ice, Jonathan would not have had the opportunity to pull a cluster of stars in his arm with a mark (it is perfect). And then Sarah wouldn’t fall for him. And of course they wouldn’t have much film. And then, well, you can see where this goes.

While Sarah’s glittering appearance is completely absurd, she deserves her fairly unimaginable character. We are talking about a person who relies on destiny / destiny / the universe to make almost all his choices in life. He is drawn to the idea of ​​leaving everything in the lurch, so, naturally, his closet will be more of a building vibes than a working space for any kind of purpose (such as, for example, staying warm at temperatures below freezing).

In an attempt to explain destiny, he tells Jonathan, “It’s not direct science, it’s emotion.” Perhaps she felt the same way about clothes.

Sometimes, the clothes from the movies and TV shows stay in our mind long after we stop watching. Made a Scene celebrates a single look on the screen and explores why it (still) deserves attention.

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