Katie Holmes Looks In The 90s In Jeans Opposing The Unexpected Puffer Jacket

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Apparently Katie Holmes’ plans for the weekend featured eating delicious sweets from Little Cupcake Bakeshop in NoHo. She was spotted yesterday carrying pink boxes signed at the bakery yesterday while wearing a dress that looks to go straight out of the 90s with her favorite (controversial) style of loose jeans. And while we all face 2020 by eating sweets, none of us pull looking good while shopping.

It’s no secret that Katie Holmes loves wide-legged jeans, because she is often seen wearing them inspired by the Revolution. But during the winter Holmes seems to have found a very disturbing new go-pair, and as a result becomes an icon.

We are actually thankful that she has changed things, not because we do not like the repetition of a beautiful dress but because her favorite party with the Revolution has been sold for a while now. No one on the internet has identified her latest lovers yet, but there is a way Jennifer Aniston loves Rag & Bone that looks very close and sells for less than $ 200 at Nordstrom.

While this unusual baggy combination with wide legs quickly reminds us of the most beautiful jeans from the 90s, Holmes cut dress sets a solid look in the 1990s wardrobe. Jennifer Aniston was definitely wearing a similar look at the time, and Bella Hadid has been rebuilding the churches. But we left Holmes to make the style of 2020 flawless, complete with a little face mask, which is exactly what a girl would have worn if the epidemic had happened 30 years earlier.

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