Lessons to borrow from Pitti street style

Given the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy, Pitti Uomo (a bi-annual commercial exhibition held in Florence), will now run from February 21 to 23 in the Fortezza da Basso and Stazione Leopolda areas. The Mecca event for men’s spoke dress, fabrics, accessories and shoes is usually held in mid-January. What makes the winter trade show season a compelling style study is to see dozens of advertisers, shoppers, editors and photographers dressed to impress chic chic sets (often found in bespoke sewing fabrics and jewelry). Leather gloves come from a pearlat center with a houndstooth, a tweed beanie offset with sunnies on the way and a luxe knit jumper tucked under a spiffy trench coat – it’s a frozen peacock war – who took off the tuxes! A wet dream of any street photographer style bites to capture the frames of his cool titles – from a punk editor with cool body art to a sophisticated viewer playing a nifty trilby.

Sunil Sethi FDCI chairperson says Indian men should stand out as peacocks and be proud of their plumes. “They should not have to worry about the truth when someone judges others with their own picks and that is the key to this business. For me, men’s fashion is not about fashion, it’s a way of life and the phrase ‘ordinary new’ should be used appropriately in this context. There should be designers for Indian men’s clothing, who will be able to influence others with their style and their full offerings – such as adding the right accessories to their look, ”said Sethi, a colorful costume designer with an amazing wardrobe full of vintage finds and street pieces.

He adds, “Also, people here unfortunately put up tags in a variety of dress styles – gay or straight. They need to understand that it is about expressing your personality and not about society. “

Designer Jatin Malik who attended the event last year notes that the trade show has always been famous for putting modern men’s clothing on the world stage while being an example of well-tailored suits, authentic Italian street fashion in a variety of ways. “I’ve always been fascinated by well-chosen suits, from 20 to 30 years. Italian streetwear and layers are similar and the Florentine street style is an attractive combination of art and elegance. Wearing a shirt with an open collar under the turtleneck in such a way that it only shows the suggestion of the collar, is one of the most confusing ways to put it in a casual look to the typical Italian look, ”said Jatin.

He sees that the shack has made its presence heard in recent times at the event. “Formerly known as bleu de travail, the shack has been a mainstay of winter at this event. In addition, accessories, like a printed scarf, consider a monotone dress as a high notch, ”he adds.

Stylist Akshay Tyagi notes that most Indian cities do not really allow the luxury of placement but one thing we can focus on in the trade show is the idea of ​​having a perfect look. “Indian men are neglected and able to dress. Florence street style is a great lesson in how to throw a fur coat on your shoulders. When it comes to facial expressions, there is a lot to be gained for Italian men, ”said Akshay.

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