LG introduced a 163-inch TV with a microLED display

LG, a well-known electronics manufacturer, is launching a new TV. But it is not just a standard high-end OLED TV, but a humongous 163 inch TV called Magnit, which plays a microLED panel.

The LG Magnit is the company’s first TV with a microLED display that promises to offer “impressive image quality and durability.” It will be available in markets such as the US, Europe, and a few others soon. For those who don’t know, microLED is a new form of display, similar to the OLED panels found on most TVs and smartphones but operating at very small pixels. These pixels can be as small as 100 times smaller, which should give clearer images, better color reproduction, and better visibility from different angles.

The South Korean tech giant has also highlighted the “Black Coating” we have used on its microLED devices. This will obviously help protect the panel from damage and dust while helping to reduce screen visibility. Magnit is powered by the LG webOS, which also supports the Alfa AI image processor which will help to enhance the images displayed.

Significantly, LG does not directly target the wider consumer market with Magnit. Due to its large size, it may be used in many commercial areas such as hotels or other large corporate lobbies and more. In addition, microLED panels are also expensive, however, as technology is available in the market, we can expect to switch to a new generation of displays that take place in the next few years. In other words, there will be a day when TVs with micro LEDs will become more common and less expensive.

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