Louis Vuitton blasts ‘flag’ keffiyeh colored Israeli flag

‘Winning oppressed Palestinian people is more than a shame’: Twitterati calls French fashion brand Louis Vuitton ‘bold’ about cultural distribution as it unveils a new stolen keffiyeh worth $ 700 with allegations of Israeli flag colors, textures, and patterns.

Dressed in the Middle East region as a traditional Arabian head, black and white checkered or keffiyeh cloth has become a symbol of resistance to unity in the Arab world, especially in Palestine. Demonstrating Palestinian independence, nationalism, and the struggle for Israeli occupation, the keffiyeh gained widespread recognition by Nobel Peace Prize winner Yasser Arafat, then leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization or PLO, who politically wore a symbol of anti-Israeli anti-violence. in 1948.

Traditionally, the keffiyeh is rolled up into a triangle and worn over the heads of Palestinian men as a turban or held in an agal-shaped circle and elevated to the liking as Kan West and David Beckham wore it to music festivals or high-stakes. In addition to appearing to be shoulder-to-shoulder or neck-to-neck, especially in recent times when soccer players from around the world took their unity directly to the football stadium shocked by the bloodshed and destruction in Gaza last month, catwalk star Gigi Hadid was also seen wearing it in protests in Canada.

French fashion and luxury clothing company, Louis Vuitton, has sparked controversy as it recently unveiled a new stolen Monogram Keffiyeh inspired by the old Keffiyeh. Enhanced with House signatures, using the jacquard weaving process to create intricate patterns of Monogram on its embroidered cotton base, wool, and silk while its lightweight and lightweight fringed edges make a timeless accessory accessible.

If the price of keffiyeh, i.e. $ 700, was not enough to provoke widespread anger, its change of colors from dark and dark to blue and white in color with the Israeli flag, has attracted a lot of attention. Taking their handle on Twitter, the net spread LVMH through cultural distribution.

Soon there were memes with the famous slogan “if I don’t steal it someone else will catch it”, an Israeli citizen who has recently come under fire for trying to take a Palestinian house illegally. While one accused, “benefiting from oppressed Palestinian people is a disgrace @LouisVuitton why not talk about the genocide and cleansing of the Palestinian people (sic),” another tweeted, “@LouisVuitton is politically neutral when it comes to Palestine and Israel, but they are completely cool on making money. “It would be good to have a fundraiser for Palestinian victims.”

Check out the Twitter response to Louis Vuitton’s new keffiyeh here:

This is not the first time that a fashion product has been called for cultural distribution. In 2016 the Israeli brand Dodo Bar either caused a public outcry by using keffiyeh fabric to make “sexy dresses, colorful skirts, hippy gowns”. Cultural distribution is an issue in which members of the ruling culture come from minority cultures without benefit from it.

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