Mary-Kate Olsen Out Of NYC Wearing All Black

The queen of falsehood and incognito dress is back … on the day of the 25th anniversary ‘Takes Two.

If the whole black dress is flawless but chic it comes out of NY.C. and Mary Kate Olsen not wearing it, was it really there? Based on my professional assessment, the answer is not determined no.

Imagine my excitement when we saw the unusual twin on Tuesday, wearing the above-mentioned dress but with a few details to stand out. After all, he had a very signed black jacket – a must-have for any season in his wardrobe. He also had black trousers, black ankle boots, and a snake skin bag. She paired the whole black look with a black beanie and a black mask that was inconspicuously drawn under the mouth and nose.

It has moved away from a monochromatic look with two subtle pieces: white gloves and feather earrings.

While this is certainly not Olsen’s new look, there is something about seeing him come out with it about both the fun and the mysterious. Where are you in the weeks between each sight? Do you wear all the black all the time? What kind of face mask do he prefer when he is not shot by a paparazzi on the street? Did you know that today is the 25th anniversary of Take Twice, an old film starring her and her twin Ashley?

These are questions that I know our queen of conspiracy will never allow us to continue, but for now speculation will keep me in mind forever.

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