Motorola makes a comeback with its latest feature packed smartphone Edge+

Motorola Edge + Storms has entered the UAE with all the specification a smartphone user needs!

Motorola has been out of space for a long time now. They are returning to the UAE market space with their new Motorola Edge + product. Motorola Edge + state-of-the-art upgrades at all key stages, including Powerhouse 5G performance, dynamic and sliding display, unmatched image experience, completely unmatched audio, and the largest battery of 5G phones on the market.

The Ultimate Ending Indicator
Considering the display is a very important part of the smartphone, the Motorola Endless Edge display is not only great to look at but very functional. The 6.7 ″ 21: 9 FHD + display is mounted on the sides to about 90-degrees and has a 90Hz refresh rate. The display is capable of displaying billions of color images and offers high-quality image quality with HDR10 +. The small display lets you enjoy the cinema content as intended. Get ready to enjoy your favorite content from Netflix or YouTube, feeling more immersed than ever.

The Endless Edge exhibit is beautiful, beautiful and functional. The curved screen and wide edge of the motorola + edge provide the right amount of single-use and rotation, making it easy to access the rest of the tool without rolling.

Motor Edge + comes with the company ‘Endless Edge Display’
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Edge Touch, which is part of my new Site UX software features, lets you customize new ways of interacting with your device. Just swipe up or down the edges to lower notifications or switch apps. The display edges also come in handy when your phone isn’t in your hand, illuminating to indicate battery charging status, incoming calls, alarms and notifications from across the room. In the new Moto Game, gamers can change their phone trails and use two additional, customized buttons on the top edge of the gameplay finger screen.

5G capacity
Motorola Edge + features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 mobile platform supported by 12GB of Micron DDR5 memory and has a storage capacity of 256GB. The phone comes with 5G enabled too.

Hello to all Motorola Edge +
Motorola Middleeast YouTube
Building on our deep history of innovation, Motorola is known to push the technical limit. We don’t care if it comes to a state-of-the-art introduction. fleak with 5G technology We made history in 2018 by launching the first 5G consumer device with the car z3 5g mod. Today, we introduce Edge +, the fastest 5G global system that provides endless opportunities for our consumers. + packs a high-end camera with a high-resolution smartphone display, ”commented Sharay Shams, General Manager, South African Business Group, at the launch of Motorola Edge.

It’s full of cameras
The camera system on the Motorola Edge + comes with a 108 MP sensor camera equipped with Quad Pixel technology. The camera also allows users to record 6K high-quality video content and the “most advanced video stabilization” industry due to motion blur, shift focus, and curved gears, and also combines OIS and EIS with high quality video.

Motorola Edge + Camera
The Edge + has a 108MP Quad-Camera setup with the best video stability in the world
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Other Edge + cameras include 8MP (f / 2.4) telephoto, 16MP wide (f / 2.2) and TOF 3D deep sensor. The front snapper on the device is a 25MP camera.

Comparable Audio Experience
The Motorola + edge has the largest, most powerful speaker on a smartphone ever, with precise sonic performance and depth settings, complete

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