Not sure if your eggs are fresh? With this simple strategy you will know in an instant!

Are those eggs still fresh?
We like to fry an egg for breakfast or lunch. Put it on the toast, maybe add the cheese, a slice of tomato and a pinch of salt and pepper to taste. It’s fun!

One day, however, we noticed that an obsolete sticker had appeared in our egg box. It can be very dangerous to eat scrambled eggs, so we did some research on how to find out if your eggs are still fresh. And we have succeeded!

The glass
There is a simple trick you can do to find out if the egg you want to eat is still fresh: put it in a glass of water! If an egg floats in the water, you can throw it in the bin immediately because this means it has been turned off. If the egg is immersed, but upright, it is about three weeks old. It’s not a new thing, but it has never gone wrong, so you can still eat it. When the egg sinks and lies down under the glass, it is still lovely and fresh.

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