Oops: This is what the position you sleep in in your life means!

How healthy is your sleeping position?

The way you choose to sleep in bed can tell you a lot about your health. For example, did you know that some sleeping places can be bad for your body? This is important for you to know about, because we spend a third of our lives asleep.

We can classify sleepers into at least three categories: those lying on their backs, those lying on their sides and those lying on their stomachs. The way you sleep can be good for you, but it can also be the cause of certain physical ailments you have.

On your back
Do you sleep on your back? After that you are lucky, because this is a healthy way to sleep! This is because it is a very natural position to lie down. This position puts little pressure on your vertebrae because they are placed in a horizontal line in this way. This causes your back, neck, and other muscles to contract less. You also leave your face relaxed in this position, preferably on your skin. Do you like to put your face on your pillows? This increases the chance of wrinkles. The only downside to sleeping on your back is bad breath.

By your side
Do you sleep on your side? You are by no means the only one, for this is the most common sleeping position. If you are lying on your side you may have pain in your arms and legs because you are always lying on one side. Lying on your right side is also dangerous for your digestion and digestion. Note: Sleeping on the side improves circulation and reduces snoring.

In your stomach
We have bad news for people who sleep on their stomachs. This position is very unhealthy. You will develop neck complaints, because your head is completely turned, and it also causes back problems. Your vertebrae are lying in an unnatural position, which causes you to walk a lot and have no peace while sleeping. In order to breathe properly, you will need to go to your left or right often. Also, try to sleep on a full stomach; it is not the best feeling in the world!

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