Oppo unveils new AR glasses on November 17

Oppo will hold a technology conference on November 17 in Shenzen, China. The company will focus on products that are relevant to the Internet of Experience theme.

Oppo prepares for his ‘Inno Day’ on November 17. Ahead of a technology-focused conference, Oppo dropped a glass of new AR glasses. The material is said to be durable and comfortable to wear.

AR mirrors are also visible with two cameras, each mounted on two corner frames. According to Gizmchina, one of the two cameras will be used to detect AR.

The company had announced its plans to invest in smart mirrors and showcased the concept of AR glass. Early AR glasses came with up to four lenses that included a ToF distance sensor. RGB lenses allow for shooting shapes. Two other lenses (fisheye) were used to make the map. Oppo then promised to launch the program in 2020.

According to reports, Oppo’s new AR glasses will have a range of sensors, including those for measuring depth. It will also be included with the MIC location setting. Other important features to look forward to in wear are 3D surround sound, microphones, navigation body buttons, touch and voice support, and waveguide technology.

That means Oppo has confirmed that it will be showcasing three new products in its Inno Day.

“Last year, OPPO came up with the idea for smart communications. This year, the concept is being revised as an Internet of Experience. OPPO believes that smart communication is just the foundation, and the Internet of Experience, which is the integration of more than simple connections, will be the future, ”the company said at the time of its release.

Reports indicate that Oppo will be showcasing the Reno 5 flagship smartphone series as well as a new folding smartphone that can be installed with a selfie camera underneath. Ultra-fast 125W cable charging and 65W wireless charging technology are also expected at this conference. Oppo is also said to be introducing 100x digital zoom, 10x zoom zoom, and advanced camera zoom mode technology.

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