PAKISTAN NEWS: Coronavirus Pakistan adds restrictions on internal travel from the UK to Jan 4

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Monday announced that it was extending its travel restrictions imposed on illegal immigrants leaving the UK from January 4, 2021.

On December 21 and 22, Pakistan announced restrictions on the travel of immigrants from the UK, following an infection from a highly contagious type of novel coronavirus that first entered Europe.

The CAA had earlier announced that the ban would continue until December 29, 2020.

A notice from the Aviation Division had previously stated that the restrictions would remain in place from December 22-29, and would apply to people from the UK and present, or who were in Britain for the past 10 days (from the date of issue of the notice).

Several countries around the world have banned flights to and from the UK, fearing that new passengers will bring a new strain of the virus to their soil.

The Pass Track App – which records the basic details of passengers arriving in Pakistan – is made mandatory for immigrants.

A day later, Pakistan announced that it had renewed its travel restrictions, releasing Pakistani passport holders.

The CAA has announced that Pakistani passport holders who have been granted Business, Tourist or Transit visas by British authorities may return to the country as long as they have a PR test.

The test should be taken 72 hours before the start of their flight to Pakistan, the airport official said.

The government has also allowed Pakistani holders with study, family, work and residence visas in the UK to return to Pakistan “if their visas expire within the next 30 days from the publication of this book while holding negative PCR Test reports hours before the start of the trip to Pakistan “.

The CAA said airlines could land in Pakistan as long as they were tested for coronavirus on arrival and booked themselves in designated hotels.

Staff members who find out they do not have a team will be allowed to carry out their duties in Pakistan and those diagnosed with the virus will need to be separated from designated hotels, a term defined by health officials in the country.

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