PAKISTAN NEWS: Coronavirus Prime Minister Imran Khan warns of ‘complete closure’, PDM says

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday warned that the government could be forced to ensure “complete closure” in Pakistan with coronavirus cases continuing to rise at the same rate, accusing the Opposition of seizing jalsas and putting people’s lives at risk.

Speaking on Twitter, the prime minister accused PDM of “deliberately endangering life and health” by holding lawsuits across the country on coronavirus cases in Pakistan.

“If [coronavirus] cases continue to rise at the rate we see, we will be forced to shut down completely and PDM will be the ones to deal with the consequences,” he wrote in a tweet.

Emphasizing his repeated stance, the Prime Minister has told opposition parties that he will not give them to the NRO even if they hold “a million dollars”.

Let me make it clear that they can catch a million jals but they will not get an NRO,” Twitter said.

However, the premier said he did not want to take the initiative because it would hurt the economy and create problems for the people. He angrily argued with the opposition that “its sole purpose is the NRO on anything that affects the lives of the people and the economy of the country”.

Unfortunately, the only objective of the opposition party is the NRO with any money that will affect people’s lives and the country’s economy,” he wrote on Twitter.

PDM, the KP government is directly responsible for the Peshawar meeting

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s government had denied permission a few days ago to the PDM to hold a public meeting in Peshawar today.

Authorities said the matter was being handled by regional authorities and metropolitan police under Section 14 of the KP Civil Administration Act 2020.

However, citing a November 2 notice issued by the KP government banning large public gatherings due to an increase in the status of coronavirus in the community, the deputy commissioner denied permission to hold the jalsa “after looking at all aspects, and protecting people’s lives due to the widespread COVID-19”.

However, the PDM has said it will continue its campaign in Peshawar, with JUI-F chief and PDM president Maulana Fazlur Rehman calling the government a “coronavirus”.

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