PAKISTAN NEWS: In a recent interview, Prime Minister Imran Khan also said that ‘all institutions’ are on his side

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday stressed that all state institutions, including the military, stood by him amid mounting pressure from the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM).

The prime minister, in an interview with Samama TV, said: “There are good military relations in the country.”

Speaking about the continued political downturn, he said the army operates under him as Prime Minister, and as an army it is a government institution.

Meanwhile, commenting on the opposition’s criticism of the military, he said “anger” and “disappointment” continued between the positions after the appointment of Chief Staff Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa.

“Gen Bajwa believes in democracy. If he had been another general, he would have refused immediately,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan, adding that the army chief was “angry”, but “in control”.

No ‘teacher went to Israel’
The Prime Minister, in an interview, dismissed reports of any Pakistani ambassador visiting Israel, saying why any minister could visit Tel Aviv when Islamabad was unaware of it.

He stressed that the news was “baseless” and that the “whole campaign” was working on this.

Commenting on the EU DisinfoLab report, the prime minister said an NGO study had revealed an Indian network disseminating false information about Pakistan.

Speaking about the Pakistan Democratic Movement, the Prime Minister said he was ready to face whatever the 11-party coalition intended to throw at him.

“PDM can do whatever it wants. I’m ready,” he said.

The premier said the PDM meeting in Lahore had damaged the opposition coalition. “I’m a jazz master and I can tell you this was a flop show.”

‘It would be better if they wiped out’
“If they resign, it will be better in Pakistan,” the prime minister said, referring to the Opposition’s threat of resignation soon.

The prime minister said he would help the opposition when they arrived in Islamabad. “They can’t even stay in church [in Islamabad] even if I support them.”

Highlighting the first election, he said there was a chance the government would hold a Senate election last month.

Election of senators
“Shaking hands means open voting,” he said, while outlining how the government intends to introduce it in the upcoming Senate elections.

The prime minister reminded his intermediary that his party had fired many members as they were involved in the horse trade during the Senate election.

“It would be better [for the election to be held] by open voting as it would eliminate corruption,” he said.

The premier said if the senators were elected properly, they would play a key role in the upper house.

He further added that the attorney-general is of the opinion that voting can be held by open ballot; however, the government will seek the direction of the Supreme Court in it.

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