PAKISTAN NEWS: Kashmore case Prime Minister Imran Khan praises police hero

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday announced that the country’s government is introducing a “strong and comprehensive anti-rape law” next week.

Speaking on Twitter, Prime Minister Imran said the law would close all “loopholes”.

The premier said he had spoken to a police hero who played a key role in the discovery of the rape victim in Kashmore and praised his courage.

Kashmore Tragedy

Premier commends Sindh police ASI Mohammad Bux Buriro and his daughter for their role in rescuing a four-year-old girl from the men who abused and raped her.

“He spoke to ASI Buriro praising his action and that of his exemplary daughter and courage in the arrest of the Kashmore rapist,” she wrote in a tweet. “The nation is proud of them and has raised the profile of the police.”

The premier was talking about the sexual abuse of a child and mother by three men in Kashmore.

A young woman from Karachi was deceived by three men who took her to Kashmore with a job offer. He raped her before selling her to Khairullah Bugti – a gang member – leaving the child with two others.

Later, he was released on the condition that he become addicted to another woman. However, she went to the Kashmore police who helped her recover her daughter.

Speaking to Zara Hut Kay’s management on Dawn TV, SSP Amjad Ahmed Khan said that since the police department did not have female officers, ASI Buriro said he would use his daughter to trap the suspects.

Rape laws in Pakistan

There has been a lot of debate about rape laws in Pakistan. Kasur’s Zainab incident and the recent rape of street gangs in Lahore sparked controversy over the magnitude of the sentence to prevent sexual assault.

Speaking at a joint sitting of Parliament after the adoption of FATF-related debts, Prime Minister Imran said the government would soon introduce a three-pronged law that would include the registration of sexual offenders, a model example of child rape and child abuse.

In a statement, Prime Minister Imran called for the public to be hanged and work with chemicals to convict detainees to stop the escalating sexual violence in the country.

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