PAKISTAN NEWS: Lahore weather update: the Met Office is predicting warm air, and because of the cold wind and light rain

The residents of the City can be expected because of the cold winds of the day (Thursday) evening, and the maximum temperature is 44 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Meteo Office.

But the Met Office also reported that in the morning, in the evening, the live will most likely have to include a rainfall system.

The sun has been scouring the city for three days.

Today, the City has identified a temperature of 44.1°C, but in the real sense, the index was up to 43°C.

The average wind speed in the night, may be a distance of 36 km per hour, which is recorded at the weather service said, adding that heavy rain can occur at low temperature.

Currently, the humidity in the City is 45%.

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