PAKISTAN NEWS: Pakistan bans travel from 15 countries amid an upcoming Omicron threat

Pakistan on Monday banned travel from 15 countries, except under certain conditions, and tightened travel restrictions to 13 other countries due to the threat of the new Covid-19 Omicron.

The National Command and Operation Center, a high-level anti-coronavirus body, has reviewed the status of the Covid-19 that is prevalent around the world in order to review aviation policy.

According to the NCOC statement, the meeting was reviewed in sections based on the disease profile and health procedures applicable to travelers from different countries, categorized into three categories, including A, B and C.

Category ‘C’ included 15 countries: Croatia, Hungary, Netherlands, Ukraine, Ireland, Slovenia, Vietnam, Poland, South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

“A total ban on incoming travel from Category C countries” has been imposed but significant travel from these countries will require obtaining a release certificate from the exemption committee, according to the statement.

The release committee will allow only 100 percent vaccinated trips for all passengers entering and those over six will be required to have a negative PCR testing report (48 hours limit) before boarding.

However, evictees are exempt from the requirement of a PCR test report.

All travelers over the age of six years will face RAT upon arrival at the airport even if they are boarding direct or indirect flights from Cat ‘C’ countries. RAT negative cases will be allowed to continue.

However, RAT negative cases from various Omicron countries (South Africa, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia) will need to be detained for 3 days following a third-day PCR test by civil authorities. . RAT positive cases will be detained for 10 days.

NCOC has placed Germany, Trinidad and Tobago, Azerbaijan, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Russia, US, UK, Thailand, France, Austria, Afghanistan and Turkey in category B. Travelers from these countries should be vaccinated 100 percent.

All riders six years and older will be required to have a negative PCR test report (maximum 48 hours) before boarding, but those who are expelled are exempt from the PCR testing schedule.

RAT of unplanned flights will be conducted at the airport upon arrival from Category ‘B’ countries. RAT negative cases will be allowed to continue but RAT cases will be closed on their own for 10 days.

All other countries not included in category ‘C’ and ‘B’ are classified as category ‘A’. Travelers should be vaccinated 100 percent. All those six years and older must have a negative PCR test report (maximum 48 hours) before boarding. But the deportees are exempt from the requirements of PCR testing.

All Pakistanis can travel from Category ‘C’ countries without release until December 15th but testing terms will be mandatory upon arrival.

During that time, Pakistan reported 336 new incidents and 10 deaths in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 1,287,161 and Covid-19 to 28,777, according to the National Department of Health.

To date 1,246,464 people have recovered but another 862 were in critical condition.

Pakistan fully vaccinated more than 52 million people and an estimated 82 million were partially vaccinated.

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