PAKISTAN NEWS: Pakistan seeks assurance from the Taliban by not using Afghanistan’s position against it President Alvi

ISLAMABAD: President Dr. Arif Alvi on Tuesday said Pakistan would like to receive assurances from the Taliban, such as those granted to China and the United States (US), that Afghan soil will not be used for them or any other country.

“We will always love assurances, such as those given to China and the United States, that Afghanistan’s territory will no longer be used in any other country,” the president said in an interview with TRT’s “Straight Talk”.

The president was responding to the meeting with Ayese Suberker when he asked if Pakistan was concerned about the rise of terrorist groups after the Taliban took over and under certain conditions with the new government in Afghanistan.

President Alvi said the Taliban had given assurances to China and the United States and said he too expected the same in Pakistan.

“At the same time, I have high hopes that a similar situation will arise in Pakistan about the new Afghan government – whatever it may be,” Alvi said.

He said international standards set out in the United Nations Charter also supported such conduct.

To test the entry of terrorists, he said, Pakistan has fenced its borders with Afghanistan.

Responding to a question on whether Pakistan might accept the Taliban as the official representative of the Afghan people, Alvi said any decision the government made would be made in consultation with many other countries.

First, we have to analyze the situation as it arises, add.

Asked if Pakistan had found the Taliban “loyal”, he said that whatever the power of the Afghan state, “we would trust them as our neighbors to ensure peace”.

President Alvi called the US withdrawal from Afghanistan “urgent” and said Pakistan was always trying to persuade the US to avoid war, and prefer talks as a better solution.

He lamented that either the Vietnam war or the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, mankind quickly forgot the lessons we had learned.

The president has revealed that blaming Pakistan for the situation in Afghanistan has become fashionable. However, he emphasized that the rapid collapse of Afghanistan had shown the world that the situation was far from ideal for countries to play their part.

“With a 20-year discovery in Afghanistan, about $ 2 trillion has been spent, and investing billions in development, I think gameplay and getting a goat is easy,” Alvi said.

With Pakistan’s role in stabilizing the war-torn country, the president said Pakistan was looking forward to restoring peace in Afghanistan and was ready to participate in its reconstruction.

During the ten-year war in Afghanistan, he said that Pakistan was “the worst hit” in terms of suffering after Afghanistan itself.

With the return of peace in Afghanistan, he said that Pakistan will be the “biggest victory”, expressing hope that things will get better soon.

He said Pakistan had a population of four million refugees and stressed that such an act should be taken for granted by the people of Afghanistan.

President Alvi said Pakistan is in contact with China, Russia, Turkey, and the US to implement the region’s development plan.

He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into Pakistan.

In bilateral relations with Turkey, he expressed satisfaction with the cooperation. He said more co-operation is needed in economic relations to match the power.

He also mentioned Turkey’s unwavering support for Pakistan’s situation with Jammu and Kashmir, which he said were facing serious human rights violations for decades under Indian rule.

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