PAKISTAN NEWS: Pakistan suspends the assembly of the polio vaccine, and after the attack is for the health of the workers

Pakistan has” indefinitely ” suspended its nationwide anti-polio campaign to shield 270,000 workers within the field of skyrocketing attacks.

The anti-polio campaign, which launched in April, was suspended last week after the National Polio Emergency Operations Center recommended that every one counties so as to prevent the campaign, ” Deutsche Welle reported, citing local media reports.

Last week, two cops were shot within the Mardan district of Khyber City, and also the monitoring of a gaggle of polio vaccination workers. to try to do this, two of the polio officers were shot and killed in Swabi City and within the line of duty.

“After the incident in Peshawar, in an exceedingly hazardous or dangerous situation has been created for the explanation for polio, the officers, and that we have to get the program to avoid wasting an extra serious damage,” Don said in an exceeding statement.

In addition, she said that the partners within the Global Eradication of Polio Initiative (SPIE), supported the move. during this regard, furthermore, vaccination, or, the capture of the activities to be allotted or in reference to this campaign,” he said.

Kamal Siddiqui, a Pakistani-born Australian journalist, said the attacks come at a time when Pakistan has made progress within the fight against polio.

Writing for the Express Tribune, Siddiqui said that the recent attack on the vaccine, and therefore the employees are a reminder of how ” the Pakistanis are tuned in to the extent of ignorance that’s prevalent in our country, and therefore the inability of the govt. to deal with the roots of non-secular extremism.”

This is because Pakistan is one of the few countries within the world where polio remains endemic. In Pakistan, it is 922,824 people are infected with polio, which has 21,323 have died.

Criticizing the Pakistan government, Siddiqui said that the attacks will stop, and also the government will have to hunt those that are involved.

“As a nation, we are prepared in contact the shame, the isolation and identification of oneself as a polio-the country, but we will not prosecute, and punish the extremists, who are accountable for this can be a shame because it’s contrary to our values,” he added.

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