PAKISTAN NEWS: Pakistan’s prime minister says Taliban’s top leaders were ‘born and trained’ in Pak

Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid recently said in an interview that Pakistan has cared for the Taliban for an extended time. “All the highest Taliban leaders were born and raised in Pakistan. This has been our ‘ministry’ to coach them and plenty of others are likely to be told it,” Sheikh Rashid said in an interview with Hum News’s program ‘Breaking Point with Malick’.

At the identical time, he protested against international criticism in Pakistan for helping the Taliban and said, “Mullah Baradar was in a very Pakistani prison. The u. s. asked us to release him.”

“We want peace on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Peace is in line with the Pakistan-Afghanistan border,” Sheikh Rashid said.

Pakistani terrorists coming to Afghanistan: Ghani informs Biden on July 23

This comes at a time when Pakistan has officially ousted Afghanistan and disputes allegations that Pakistan was involved in the fall of Afghanistan. Pakistani secretary of state Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Wednesday said the planet shouldn’t leave Afghanistan as that will have serious consequences. “Taking such a thing could have serious consequences and nobody will survive,” the minister said.

It is not the primary time that Pakistani leaders have acknowledged the country’s reference to the Taliban. Neelam Irshad Sheikh earlier said the Taliban would help Pakistan in Kashmir.

Pakistan’s aid to the Taliban remains a secret as Pakistan tries desperately to distance itself from the Taliban. Reports have revealed that within the last telephone call between US President Joe Biden and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on July 23, Ghani informed Biden that Afghanistan was completely invaded and also the Taliban weren’t alone. There was full support for Pakistan and plenty of foreign terrorists, mostly from Pakistan, were already in Afghanistan at the time.

Pakistan’s ambassador to u. s., Asad Majeed Khan, recently denied allegations that Pakistan played a key role within the Taliban uprising in his fiery letter within which he said Kabul’s fall was thanks to a corrupt army and not Pakistan.

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