PAKISTAN NEWS: Prime Minister Imran Khan to meet pro-Jahangir Tareen lawyers today sources

Prime Minister Imran Khan will meet with PTI legislators who have come out in support of separatist party leader Jahangir Tareen and hear their doubts…

The prime minister is expected to meet with at least 30 PTI legislatures tomorrow, sources said, adding MPAs and MNAs, who are closer to the divided leader, will present Tareen’s case to the prime minister.

Last week, PTI lawyers supporting Tareen refused to hold a meeting with a committee set up by the Prime Minister to hold talks with them, insisting they wanted the Prime Minister himself to listen to their reservations.

“Imran Khan is our captain, and we will only bring our grievances before him,” the authorities said, according to sources.

PTI legislatures propose to suspend meetings

Earlier, PTI legislators promised to leave meetings to support Tareen, during a meeting in Lahore.

Sources familiar with the rally informed Geo News that more than 30 members at both national and provincial rallies had attended the protest and discussed the road ahead for the party, with many promising to resign.

According to sources, the resignation proposal has not been unanimously approved by all lawmakers as a step forward.

The legislators were of the view that if the “injustice” in Tareen continued, the resignation option should be used.

Sources say lawmakers also decided to contact others from the group.

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