PAKISTAN NEWS: Six patients die in Pakistan as the only oxygen supply

Five were admitted to Covid-19 ward, and another to a different ward, a hospital spokesman said.

At least six patients admitted to the Covid-19 ward and other wards of Peshawar Hospital in Pakistan have died after the hospital’s oxygen supply ran out.

The speaker said that more oxygen is needed during the winter. The hospital had the capacity to store 10,000 liters of oxygen stored daily and with storage cylinders. He said the situation was “under control” now and details were available on the reasons for the delay in service delivery.

Khan said the supply of oxygen was obtained from a company in Rawalpindi and that supplies were depleted after rising demand and due to an increase in Covid-19 patients.

Pakistan is facing its second wave of Covid-19 cases and experts have warned that the wave is more widespread than ever. The country’s coronavirus positivity ratio also rose to 7.59% on Saturday, with the highest detection rate seen in Abbottabad at 17.57%, according to data released by the National Command and Operation Center. The rate dropped to 7.2% earlier.

After Abbottabad, the second best rating was seen in Rawalpindi at 15.26%, followed by Karachi at 14.31% and Hyderabad at 12.13%. In many cities, reduced business and office time and public events have been reduced.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has called on the public to adhere to the rules. He also pointed out that if the current situation persists, the government will be forced to be completely excluded from acting as opposed to the current practice of closing incomplete or “smart” components.

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