PAKISTAN NEWS: Student preparing for CSS exam dies in Lahore suicide: police

LAHORE: A young woman who moved to Lahore to study CSS exams has committed suicide, police said on Friday.

He lived in the Multan. Police said the 25-year-old boy left a note in his room where his body was found hanging from a ceiling.

In the book, the reader said he felt like a burden and a failure. He said he would miss his father.

The Punjab inspector-general ordered the report to the CCPO.

According to police, the woman had rented an apartment in Lahore five days ago and was studying CSS.

The forensic team has collected samples from the victim’s apartment. Her family has refused to perform an autopsy.

The Central Superior Service survey was conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Islamabad for employment in a coalition government. The test required was often heavily criticized for the percentage inconsistencies observed for years.

The previous percentage for last year’s CSS test was only 1.96%.

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