PAKISTAN NEWS: ‘The Great Mystery’ Prime Minister Imran Khan pays homage to Allama Iqbal

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan, while honoring the national poet on his 143th birthday, has stressed the need to seek the guidance of Allama Iqbal’s ideas to find solutions to the problems facing the nation.

The Prime Minister, in a statement, said it was now their individual and collective responsibility to play their part in building the nation while exploring the ideas of Allama Iqbal.

Allama Iqbal decided to guide Muslims on a small continent through his thoughts and poetry at a time when they were dragging the darkness of slavery in search of ownership, he pointed out.

In his poems, Allama Iqbal used the power by which Muslims conquered the feeling of despair, guiding them to the impossible, adding.

Prime Minister Imran went on to say that Allama Iqbal not only dreamed of Pakistan but also faced the problems he had to face after its creation.

It was because of the farsightedness of his personality that for years he predicted the problems of the present that we were facing, he kept that.

Iqbal’s vision was still a guide to overcoming issues such as sectarianism and extremism, he said, advising young people to acquire their birthmarks similar to the eagle symbol Iqbal, which doubts their place in the world.

He called on the nation to focus on its power to transform Pakistan under the ideology of its ancestors and emphasized the need for political, social and economic reforms.

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