PAKISTAN NEWS: ‘The NRO is a major rebel,’ said the Prime Minister in Chakwal

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday said if anyone gave the opposition party the NRO (permission under the National Reconciliation Ordinance), “that would be a major act of rebellion”.

“The enemy could not have done better than such a man who stopped them,” the premier said, in his address after the launch of several development projects in Chakwal.

He said today, in an unprecedented way, the Opposition was “targeting” the party and criticizing it as a “India propaganda” machine.

“So I know […] and our members of parliament have been saying this […] the way the opposition political party is criticizing the military which is unprecedented in the history of Pakistan,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan.

He said former military governor Gen Pervez Musharraf was also criticized but became the country’s leader as well as the army chief, “so yes he was criticized”.

“But the kind of language used by the military today is that of an Indian propaganda machine used to fight soldiers.”

He said many people in the area – from Jhelum, Chakwal, and Myanwali – had joined the military and made many sacrifices for the military.

‘Indian fraudulent websites promote PMM’
The Prime Minister then spoke about EU DisinfoLab finding at least 700 fake Indian websites where they would publish news of the names of the dead.

“The aim was to paint Pakistan badly, so that foreign investors do not stay far away. And then the Pakistani army has been targeted because India wants to weaken us,” the prime minister said.

He said India had always planned to introduce the Pakistani Army as “a powerful and terrorist army.” “Narendra Modi will come out and call the last military commander for terrorism.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan said the fake websites would “further” improve the activities of the Pakistan Democratic Movement. He said “there are a lot of journalists who are also encouraging them and they have been part of a campaign to get out the wrong information.”

‘Corruption is written’
“For the first time, the Opposition has targeted the Pakistani military. The military commander and the ISI chief. They also said that the army was involved in fraud and therefore the government was elected.

“So, have you gone to the Electoral Commission, the Supreme Court, to Parliament?”

He said the opposition party had been rigging the troubled election for the past two years but was not providing evidence. Echoing the example of the recent US presidential election, he said at the time of the outbreak of fraud, the media was the first to ask for evidence.

“They have plundered the country with both hands over the past 30 years,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said both opposition leaders Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari had been described by many in the UK and the United States as corrupt, with “written” theft.

“They would call each other corrupt at the same time,” he said.

The premier said the opposition party had its own interests and not just national ones.

‘They want to rebel and call themselves democrats’
He said today, Pakistan needs a strong army “as before”, because there has never been a government in India like today. “Extremist, oppression, apartheid, Muslims, Muslims and Pakistan, […] and what they are doing to the Kashmiris, has never happened.”

The prime minister said that under these circumstances, “the Opposition is telling the military to remove the elected government from power and remove the military chief if he is unwilling to do so”.

“They told the military that they had made soldiers in the country and called themselves democrats.”

The Prime Minister said he had never seen such an attempt to destroy the country or any government. He said the main purpose of the opposition party was for the government to provide them with the NRO in some way. “They want to destroy us. They know they can’t do that to me, so they put their intentions in the institutions, thinking they could pressure me to forgive them.”

‘What example will we set if we do not punish them?’
He said he knew the needs of the people, but when the “corrupt” ruled the country, the whole system where the needs of the people should be served was destroyed.

The Prime Minister said the government had “too little” left to spend on the people because of part of its collections used to pay off debts in the first and second years, in addition to interest earned.

“If we do not punish people like that, what kind of example are we setting for our children? That the strong can escape anything and the prisons are for the poor only?” he asks.

‘What does your title say?’
In addition to naming PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and PML-N Deputy President Maryam Nawaz, “two children holding NRO meetings”, the prime minister said if anyone asked them what they said about their work, what would they say?

“They will say our fathers are the most corrupt people in Pakistan. And they have charges against them. And they are being convicted by the courts. This is our lesson.”

He said these “have not worked for one hour in their lives”.

“The two (Naazaz and Zardari) have been plundering the country for 30 years and are billionaires and have billions abroad and their children are abroad.

“What is the reason that you both (Bilawal and Maryam) are party leaders? What have you done?” asked the prime minister.

Prime Minister Imran Khan went on to say: “These two are determined to govern the country. What knowledge do they have about their profession?

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