Pixel 5 Pro does not exist, do not get your hopes high:

Google, earlier this year, introduced the Pixel 5 smartphone. At that time, the company had not yet developed a specific type of phone called ‘Pro’ or ‘XL’. Shortly afterwards those reports pointed to a company launching a new phone called the Pixel 5 Pro. Now, the word says this is not the case.

According to tipster Jon Prosser, the Pixel 5 Pro does not exist. Tipster said that although he did not deny the existence of the phone, he said his source had not heard anything about it. “Not to mention that this is not true … But my source has heard nothing about this, and that source is very good,” tipster said.

According to a separate Front Page Tech report, the images shared by Slash Leaks, the source of the first Pixel 5 Pro report, are fake. The publication says its sources have told you that ‘Pixel 5 Pro is nothing’.

As for the first report, Slash Leaks shared a bunch of photos pointing at the phone called the Pixel 5 Pro at work. This picture showed that the phone will come with a SIM-slot card and small bezels on the sides and top. The phone will come with a front-facing camera that will be located just below the screen.

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