Rumors of the BlackBerry 5G 2021 are also emerging: Here’s what we know so far

The new BlackBerry handset is coming later this year with high-end features, reports TechRadar. The handset is enhanced by OnwardMobility, which was connected to BlackBerry last year.

According to the report, the new BlackBerry smartphone will come with 5G connectivity. It will also work on the Android app. The report goes on to say that the handset will be held in commercial and consumer markets.

“More than half the world’s population have smartphones today, so the market is huge,” OnwardMobility chief executive Peter Franklin told TechRadar. “What is missing, however, is a much safer and more productive smartphone that can meet the needs of business users, government users and consumers who are aware of security – and that is a gap we expect to close.”

Until a few years ago, BlackBerry was one of the top handset companies in the world. Its market share has grown by the arrival of some less expensive Android modes. The company has made efforts to reimburse return for license agreements. In the following months, more BlackBerry phones were introduced in the market. Apparently, those cell phones did not go off. Last year, BlackBerry’s partnership with China’s TCL also came to an end. Later, the company merged with OnwardMobility.

Franklin of OnwardMobility earlier this year confirmed that the company had been working with FIH Mobile Limited, Foxconn’s Android telephony division. He also confirmed that the next BlackBerry phone will store native keyboards, which is a marquee for BB phones. He promised “high line connectivity” and “5G connectivity.”

Interestingly, OnwardMobility had promised the phone that it would unlock in the first half of 2021. A recent report, however, states that the call has been delayed. So far, there is no word on when the phone will officially ring on the shelves. Depending on the price, the upcoming BlackBerry phone with keyboard may cost more than the previously introduced BB phones.

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