Saif bin Zayed rolls out FazaaHemam Card

Inspired by the vision of His Supreme President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and in accordance with the guidelines of the Highness Shehe Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy President, Prime Minister and Governor of Dubai, and His End Sheikh Sheikh bin bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince Dhabi and the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the UAE Army, to improve the quality of life of dedicated people, HH Lt. General Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, and Chairman of the MOI Social Security Board has developed a dedicated program for willing people. and Fazaa Hemam.

The card is the result of a joint partnership between the Minister of Social Development and the Department of the Interior for Community Protection, the Zayed Higher Organization of People of Determination and the UAE Special Olympics. This work is supported by many government agencies that provide various discounts and services.

The presentation, which was made in a video call, was attended by HH Sheikh Khalid Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of Zared Higher Organization for People of Determination, Shamma Bint Suhail Bin Faris Al Mazrouie, Minister of Youth Affairs and Chairman of the Special Olympics Board, Muhammad Special UAH Muhammad Al Ahbabi, Chairman of the Department of Municipalities and Transport-Abu Dhabi, Abdullah Abd Alali Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of the Zared Higher Organization of People of Determination, Rashid Al Qubaisi, Acting Chief Executive Officer of SEHA and Abdullah Al Sahi, Acting -Undersecretary of the Department of Municipalities and Transport, and Lt. Colonel Ahmed Bouharoun Al Shamsi, Director-General of the Department of Internal Affairs.

HH Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed Al Nahyan said that the Organization remains working with all its stakeholders in various programs and projects to empower and unite the people of Determination and make it public based on wise leadership ideas and instructions President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

He added that this partnership comes with the Department of Internal Public Safety “Fazaa” by introducing membership beneficiaries of the unique benefits of its People, Detectives or Residents, in the name of “Fazaa Hemam” which is a visionary visionary leadership in achieving social inclusion and promoting community building where there is equal opportunity for all and and government policies to increase cooperation and communication between organizations and organizations to serve those willing.

HH Sheikh Khalid Bin Zayed Al Nahyan expressed his gratitude and appreciation to HH Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and commended the role of the MOI in maintaining security throughout the UAE to provide the right climate for the development, progress, appreciation and enthusiasm of His Highness of Commitment. By implementing many humanitarian programs.

The special rights card is presented to the Zayed Higher Organization of People of Determination in cooperation and communication with the Ministry of Interior’s Social Security Fund “Fazaa” and AUE Special Olympics. This new card will provide willing people, citizens and residents, with leading services aimed at making them happy. The personal and unique card, containing the embedded logo, is officially registered in the UAE and is endorsed by all government agencies, and gives its owners access to the selection services offered by such entities.

Under the new scheme, eager individuals will receive a special card and a Fazza membership type called “Fazaa Hemam” that will come with special privileges, promotional discounts, and free public service sites, in partnership with Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination and the UAE Special Olympics.

The card created by no other name has the logo of the three affiliated government entities, and after the UAE is officially registered, it will be allowed in all government departments to provide the services of its owners.

The new program aims to improve the services provided by this experienced group and improve their health. It provides cardholders with a complete suite of health, government and social security services, better quality of life, and special discounts on all jobs, shops and institutions that offer specialized services for willing people. The initiative also collaborates with government departments, such as the Department of Labor and Emiratisation, to provide them with jobs online.

This card offers special places for people who are committed to customer service, facilities and benefits from companies managed by willing people, as well as free delivery to the municipality, licensing and catering services. In the financial sector, rights include exemptions from leisure fees and elsewhere. For the information sector, the program provides brochures for information in several languages, in addition to brochures, books, guidebooks and Braille program publications in both Arabic and English at the participating institutions of the organization. In the field of entertainment and sports, the initiative provides exercise and heat training equipment to strengthen the immune system and immune system.

The new card comes in two stages; the first is the UAE Olympic brand in conjunction with the UAE Special Olympics, dedicated to people with a mental disability. The second card is dedicated to all eligible individuals, both citizens and residents, who are disabled separately from birth to age 49, according to the Disability Classization Guide approved and issued by the Zayed Higher Organization. The second card holders are mentally and severely disabled, visual impairment and multiple disabilities, cognitive impairment and communication disorders, and those with attention deficit and hyperactive.

In addition to all the abovementioned rights, 10,000 e-Cards linked to ZHO cards of willing people will be given to the beneficiaries. They can use the card without having to carry another card, especially if both cards are linked to the ZHO / Fazaasmart app. Applying for cards will be available online from today

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