Samsung ‘gradually’ removed ‘chargers, earphones for future calls

Samsung’s latest Samsung S21 series comes without a charger in the box and earphones.

Samsung plans to “slowly” remove the charger and earphones from their upcoming smartphones.

The box of the Galaxy S21 is extremely small without the presence of a charging brick and wireless earphones. Comes with Type C USB data and charging cable, SIM extraction tool and quick start guide. Samsung said doing so would help “promote better reusable practices” among Samsung users. Apple started this with the iPhone 12 series, and also removed the accessories for his old iPhones. Going forward, Samsung is also planning to follow this route with its future smartphones.

“We believe that the gradual removal of charger plugs and earphones inserted into our inbox can help address the problems of sustainable use and remove any pressure consumers may feel they continue to receive unnecessary charger accessories with new phones,” Samsung said in a statement.

It has not been determined whether this charger and earphones and removals will be used throughout its Galaxy smartphone system. Samsung has Galaxy phones that take care of budget, intermediate range, premium, and super premium segments that cost around 2 lakhs. Currently, only the Galaxy S21 series does not offer these in-box apps. This solution can play well with people who do not need additional access and reduce e contamination.

Apple began unveiling these accessories on older iPhones shortly after launching the iPhone 12 series. Not so with Samsung as it is still selling its old charger phones and earphones.

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