Selena Gomez Matches Her Dress In Her Loungewear As The Queen Of Fashion 2020

She was spotted on the Kill Only in the Building wearing some of the coziest outfits we’ve seen all year.

Over the years, Selena Gomez has given us a lot of fashion inspiration, from showing off the best bathing suits on Instagram to prove how powerful red clothes are. So, it makes sense that, at a time when we are wondering how we can feel warm and comfortable while also looking good, this style icon will also guide us, wearing winter clothes that should be copied.

Of course, his latest look comes from the set of his new comedy Hulu, Kill Only in the Building, so there may be a lot of planning after what he has. However, we cannot deny the simplicity and flexibility of his character’s bold, red character – err, jumpsuit – and we will take it as a reminder that this part is a good thing to have. Not only can it be worn up or down, and it is clear with lug-sole boots, and we are concerned about the way Gomez has scratched it with a green mask, aka 2020/2021 to take the old color-blind strategy.

Selena Gomez Movie Style

We also feel that the Gomez character can compete with Grace Fraser of The Undoing for the best on-screen jackets. She was wearing two weird and shiny options while filming, and she showed how crazy it looked to pair your hat with your outerwear, coming out a muted combination of orange and yellow.

Still, one could argue that Gomez’s excellent winter strategy was his everything. Aside from her trailer, the actress and singer appeared to be wearing a fun, cream-colored dress set, which went well with the dress she had in her hand.

Selena Gomez Movie Style

As we wonder what we will wear for our home holiday and New Year’s celebrations, this dress feels like ‘the end of the year 2020.’ Gomez looks ready to crawl on the couch, but at the same time, a neutral color scheme is seen as a top, and he wears the return shoe of the year, Ugg boots.

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