Six reasons to eat garlic daily

Will you be eating a lot of garlic?
Most people love garlic. It is not only a delicious addition to almost every meal, but also good for your health! Keep reading and find out why eating garlic is so good for you.

  1. Healthy teeth
    Studies have shown that garlic can be an effective treatment for inflammatory gums. In addition, garlic naturally has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. And that also goes to all the little things that live in your mouth and that may have an impact on your health.
  2. The right feeling
    Are you working hard to improve your stamina? Try adding extra garlic to your diet. Studies have shown that certain garlic oil will lighten the load on your heart during exercise. Moreover, you may be interested in knowing that this was a fact known in ancient times. The ancient Greeks placed garlic on the (first) Olympic athletes and people who participated in strenuous physical activity. This can work just as hard.
  3. Anti-aging properties
    There seems to be some good evidence that garlic can work against ‘oxidative stress’, and in this case: the aging process itself. Wait, what? Simply put: we grow and look older because our bodies convert food and oxygen into energy. However, sometimes our body will become more enthusiastic about this process, and destroy other cells in the process. Next, our skin becomes weaker and our brain slows down. These are the effects of ‘oxidative stress’. In these cases, garlic can be a useful addition to your diet. The fragrant remedy causes your body to increase the production of substances in the blood that counteract the overactive oxidation of cells in your body. These substances are commonly known as anti-oxidants. In this way, garlic helps slow down the body’s signs of aging!
  4. Garlic makes you more attractive
    This may conflict with your emotions, but it’s true. After all, we all know the effect of garlic on the smell of your breath. But did you know that your body odor also affects vegetables? Research from 2016 has shown that the effect of garlic on your body odor is actually very positive. Participants in the stinking trial described the smell of people who ate garlic as something ‘less powerful’ and ‘more attractive’. This may be due to the anti-bacterial properties of garlic. The germs that cause bad breath are reduced by the garlic in your body. Note: this works best when you eat garlic a day before your date. Of course, we would not recommend eating garlic too soon.
  5. Fresh garlic for your immune system
    That garlic could contribute to our lives was known to our grandmothers and even their grandmothers (and their grandmothers beyond that). This plant has been known for centuries to have antibacterial, antifungal, and fungal properties. In order to boost your immune system, you will still need to eat your raw garlic. When you cut or crush the garlic, you release ‘allicin’. This substance has many benefits for your health, but when you burn garlic, you will lose a lot of allicin.
  6. Garlic against high blood pressure
    At this point, we are all accustomed to the dangers of high blood pressure. We continue to learn more about the role of cholesterol here. That’s why these days, you often hear about products that lower your cholesterol. Garlic, too, is one of those products. Numerous studies have shown that eating garlic daily will have long-term effects on lowering your cholesterol. Of course, if you are experiencing any cardiovascular disease or an increase in cholesterol levels, you should always seek the advice of a medical professional. Garlic can affect the overall effect, but it is not the solution for everything!

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