SMS Coordinator For Air Arabia PJSC (G9) In Sharjah

Date: 08-Apr-2021Company: Air Arabia PJSC (G9)Location: Sharjah, AE

Job Purpose

Assists in designing and implementing the Safety Risk Mitigation (SRM), safety assurance and safety promotion processes. Participates in the Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) process as well investigations as and when needed.

Key Result Responsibilities

1.Assists in reviewing and revising the SMS manual and SPM document as advised by the Line Manager.

2.Assists in carrying out a gap analysis and in preparing the SMS implementation plan as per agreed action plan and maintains all records pertaining to SMS.

3.Liaises with the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) of the operational departments on matters related to safety data collection and analysis and coordinates with the his/her Manager on the same.

4.Keeps a track of the GCAA website to capture and reflect any changes in the SMS requirements. Coordinates and communicates with the GCAA and other regulatory authorities on different function related matters when and as required.

5.Carries out and ensures the timely reporting of occurrences on Reporting of Safety Incidents (ROSI).

6.Maintains the IQSMS database and ensures timely action and closure of all reports on IQSMS.

7.Liaises with all operational departments on follow up actions for the safety reports and updates the same as necessary.

8.Ensures the hazard log and the Risk Register is being maintained and all necessary actions be taken within stipulated timeframe.

9.Assists in carrying out the risk assessment of the identified/reported hazards in reference to the risk index matrix.

10.Prepares monthly analysis of the Safety Performance Indicators (SPI).

11.Assists in preparing the periodic safety newsletters/ bulletins/ alerts and ensures the dissemination of the same to the operational personnel.

12.Collaborates with other departments in carrying out the necessary HIRM (Hazard Identification & Risk Mitigation) / MOC (Management of Change) whenever there is a significant management process or equipment change.

13.Ensures the SAG meetings are being conducted as per the policy documented in SMS Manual.

14.Collects all necessary safety data and prepares the presentation/ analysis reports for the SAG and SRB meetings.

15.Prepares the minutes of the SAG and SRC meetings and distributes to the concerned parties timely ensuring necessary records are maintained for referral when needed.

16.Facilitates the safety promotion/ surveys and inspections.

17.Facilitate the Safety trainings and briefings and maintains the SMS training database.

Qualifications (Academic, training, languages)

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering ( preferably Aviation Engineering) or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • Skilled report writing is recommended to ensure that complex reports are properly and clearly described.
  • Very good command over written and verbal communication skills.
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office: Advanced Excel & Power Point.
  • Very good in English Language

Work Experience

  • 3-5 Years in aviation/airlines industry preferably working in the Safety department.
  • Good awareness and exposure on the UAE Safety regulations is required.
  • Ability to design business processes in line with business requirements.
  • Hands on safety assurance and safety promotion applied practices.
  • Capable of preparing safety related reports and manuals as per agreed standards.
  • Experienced in coordinating meetings and preparing minutes of meeting effectively.
  • A balanced personality composed and focused.
  • Good analytical thinking and capable of identifying gaps easily.
  • Committed, demonstrates high confidentiality traits.
  • High accuracy and attention to both results and details.
  • Effective problem solving and required decision making skills.

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