So, what’s healthier: frying or boiling your eggs? We got the answer!

Should you eat fried or boiled eggs?
Yum, we love having eggs for breakfast! But there are a lot of stubborn misunderstandings out there about arrogance. Because how many eggs are a healthy amount, and what to deal with cholesterol?

One thing we always ask ourselves is the question of what healthy you can eat: a boiled or fried egg? Does it matter what the amount of healthy food is?

Turns out, there is a real difference between eating a boiled or fried egg, and it is because of the way you prepare it and the fat you use to do so. Fried egg contains almost double and saturated fat (17.6 g fat, of which 5.6 g is full) than boiled egg (8.8. 2.9 g of saturated fat). That’s something to keep in mind.

In addition, many vitamins are lost during the process of frying an egg. Conclusion: A boiled egg is healthy. You also avoid the danger of salmonella by boiling an egg, as bacteria will not survive when you go to a boiled egg. If you eat a boiled egg, however, you are at risk of salmonella!

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