That’s why hand dryers in public toilets are absolutely disgusting!

You will not believe your eyes when you see the results of these hand dryers…
If you have done your business in a public bathroom you will probably have access to a dryer when you want to dry your freshly washed hands. Because a piece of paper you can use instead is not healthy, right?

Next time, we won’t dry it by hand…

Hand dryers are not as clean as you might think. In the past, many studies show that these dryers are not as clean as they used to be, but this post on Facebook makes it painfully clear. This post was made by a researcher who wanted to take care of cleanliness (or lack thereof) in public places and at home.

Hand dryer
Nichole Ward posted a photo of a petrol container full of mold and germs from the dryer. Nichole placed an empty petrol bowl inside a closed hand dryer in a public toilet for three minutes and this is what she ended up doing. He accompanies the picture with the following text: “These are just a few species of pathogenic fungi and bacteria circulating in your hands, and you think you come out with clean hands.” Yikes, that’s really disgusting! We’ll think twice before using a hand dryer from now on…

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