That’s why you should always eat a kiwi for SKIN!

It is a way to get more vitamins from it
Kiwi: a green fruit with amazing, hairy, and brown skin all around. It is a delicious and healthy fruit too! Kiwis is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, and is rich in potassium. But do you want to get more out of the fruit? After that you should also eat the skin.

But how do you eat skin?

She is healthy
Kiwi fruit is very healthy, but its skin is very good for you. It is full of fiber, which helps in your digestion and has a positive effect on your cholesterol. Eating that hairy skin won’t sound appealing to most people, because it doesn’t taste good. So how do you make sure you at least enjoy some food? Brush the hair on the skin and thoroughly wash the kiwi under running water. You can also cut the kiwi whose skin is still around and add the slices to the smoothie. We will definitely try this soon!

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