The Apple iPhone 12 series makes the iPhone 6, bypassing this brand; it also hits the iPhone 11

A good measure of the success of any smartphone is the number of units sold by the company, and it looks like Apple iPhones are more popular than ever. The latest sales figures shared by the analytics company seem to confirm that demand for smartphones from Apple remains high and that the company’s iPhone 12 series has been particularly successful since its launch last year. It also managed to keep up with the very successful Apple iPhone 6 and beat the iPhone 11.

The analytics company notes that since Apple managed to record the highest sales of the iPhone 12 series in 7 months, it puts the smartphone series at the top of the 6 most successful series, introduced as the industry switched to 4G – even the iPhone 5 was the first iPhone with technical support. Similarly, the iPhone 12 was the first iPhone series to support 5G connectivity. According to the report, more than 40 percent of iPhone 12 Pro Max sales worldwide in the first seven months were in the United States.

In addition, the report also suggests that iPhone preferences among consumers have changed with the iPhone 12 series compared to the older iPhone 11. series. The firm found that many customers opted for the more expensive version of the iPhone 12 smartphone series – the iPhone 12 Pro Max. While the highest version of the iPhone 12 was 29 percent on all sales, this figure was 25 percent lower on the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The company believes the Apple 12 series has managed to earn 22 percent more revenue than the previous series in seven months for this reason.

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