The manner in which Kamala Harris and his Converse sneakers rewrote the law code in a political style

“It’s tied and ready to win,” he took Harris to the White House.

Like any other woman before her, Kamala Harris spent most of her time on the campaign trail wearing coaches. Being the first to do something seems to come naturally to Harris, however. In 2017, she became the first South Asian-American actress in US history, and only the second African-American woman to be elected to the senate.

On November 7, Harris became the first African-American and South Asian-American, and the first woman, to be elected vice president of the United States following the victory of President Joe Biden. For one thing, that means we’re going to see Harris’s Chuck Taylor in the West Wing – and we’re going to see a stupid female politician ignore the “rules” of traditional political dress, and reinterpret it in her signature style.

In September, Harris set the example for what was to come. He then became a VP, landed on a plane in Wisconsin not with sensible court shoes, but with a pair of black Converse All Stars – often seen in idle models where coffee sold rather than politicians on the world stage. “Tied up and ready to win,” read a caption from Harris. He knew that his former American coaches showed an artificial attitude and sense of purpose.

And don’t fool yourself into thinking that Harris ’shoes were an attempt to recruit young voters following his nomination by the VP – he wore them last year as the president’s hope, too. “I run to the airport with my Converse sneakers,” he said earlier. “I have a complete set of Chuck skirts: black leather trousers, white pear, non-woven type, cordless type, cordless type, hot summer style, casual style, and the platform is perfect for wearing pants. ”

In October, he raised a lot of ants, and went to a Florida convention in two long white highs. The badges written on the sides of his coaches read differently: “Black Joy”, “Stop Hate” and “Love 2020”. It was an appropriate way to shake the feelings of millions of supporters at the end of the test year.

Harris’s clever and uncompromising approach is in stark contrast to that of the current first President Melania Trump, who cast her vote on election day at the first and polished meeting. She was wearing a Gucci dress printed with chains, Gucci shades, and beige patent pumps Christian Louboutin. She was carrying Hermès Kelly’s purse, but her accessories did not go beyond the protective face mask.

After all, the content of women’s political costumes has always been a great conversation (sadly so, compared to their men’s). Case in point: Theresa May’s penchant of cat prints on leopard print prints, which featured many articles. Back on the other side of the pool, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was scrutinized for her choice of clothing, including wearing a “luxe designer dress”.

We all know that clothes have the potential to boost our self-confidence, especially those that make us feel comfortable. Harris’s combination of his favorite sneakers and the most popular “power pearls” set him up well during a tiring campaign – he didn’t look as small as readiness and integration. Instead of feeling pressured to accept the “right” wardrobe when you run for office, future female politicians may see it as a lesson: you can never go wrong with being yourself.

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