US NEWS: The new bill will ban Trump nuking storms

The bill to the American Commission will seek to prohibit President Donald Trump – and any Commander-in-Chief from using nuclear weapons to disrupt storms.
Texas Democrat Sylvia Garcia prioritized the bill last week.The first purpose of the Climate Change and the Hurricane Correlation and Strategy Act is to submit a White House report to Congress every five years on plans to combat hurricanes in the era of climate change.

US President Donald Trump.

“We know that climate change is not only heating the Earth, but also altering global climate patterns,” said Ms. Garcia.
“Although we must prepare for severe storms in the near future, we also need to plan how to reduce greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and ultimately to the intensity of the storm.”
But the wording of the anti-extremism bill is getting more attention.
“My bill also guarantees that nuclear weapons cannot be used in storms,” ​​Ms Garcia said.
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“Normally I didn’t think we would have to legislate something so obvious, but when we hear the words of the President made in August 2019, obviously.”The idea of ​​using atomic weapons to disrupt or control storms has not come from Mr. Trump, but has been a ridiculous proposition for decades.In 1958 the US even conducted a series of underground tests on atomic weapons – the main result was the establishment of an international treaty that prohibits such exploration.
It emerged from Axios in August last year that Mr Trump made the proposal at a meeting with senior security officials, citing.

Donald Trump denied that on Twitter shortly thereafter.

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