There may not be an iPhone 13: Here’s why we think so

As every year, Apple will launch a series of new iPhones in September. We expect it to be the iPhone 13 series, but until the launch of the speculation about how the new devices will be called is expected to continue. To continue, we are all referring to future devices such as the iPhone 13, but a number of recent reports have suggested that there may be no iPhone 13.

The name that could be thrown around is the iPhone 12S. Bloomberg had an article in January this year quoting Apple engineers that the upcoming list will come with only minor improvements with the previous iteration, the iPhone 12 which is – therefore, similar to the ‘S’ version of the iPhone 12 Apple tipster Jon Prosser , who has a record of accuracy, also pointed to the iPhone 12S.

And it won’t go completely out of place if you think about it. Apple has used this naming program before with the iPhone 6S which came in 2015 after the iPhone 6 and the iPhone XS which came in 2018 after the iPhone X.

If some reports are a thing of the past, there will be no iPhone 13 next year and Apple could launch an iPhone 14 by 2022.

Why is that?

The number 13 has long been associated with “bad luck” with many people, including smartphone companies who avoid naming that particular number.

Now, Apple has never called its products by that number – there is the A13 Bionic for example. However, in the case of chip or software update, the smartphone that will be launched later this year will be a consumer product and Apple will want people to buy it. Especially since the iPhone is a product of the Apple marquee and accounts for about 50% of its revenue. Given that, Apple may want to get out of number 13.

Besides, if Apple goes with the iPhone 12S brand name, it could be to set the stage for significant improvements with the iPhone 14 or iPhone 15. For example, Apple skipped the iPhone 9 and replaced the iPhone 8 with the iPhone 8 Plus with the iPhone X. And the iPhone X has been a huge improvement over the older models in terms of design.

There’s really no idea what an iPhone 14 or iPhone 15 might look like. The guidelines suggest that one of them may be the most anticipated wrap. Reports have suggested that the roll-out iPhone could emerge in 2022 and Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said it is likely to arrive in 2023. We will have to wait and watch.

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