This cheap product you already found in your kitchen cabinet can help reduce cracked heels

This product is cheap and can do wonders for reducing cracked heels

Cracked heels are very tedious. They are painful, they can tear when they catch something and it is not fun just to look at them. Of course, you will want to remove them and get your heels back to normal, but it may seem difficult to achieve that. Not with this strategy!

No more feet like your sandpaper!

Sometimes the solution is so simple that it is hard to believe that it will actually work. The same goes for this solution of cracked heels too. You do not need expensive equipment or products, as long as you find this simple ingredient in your kitchen. We are talking about corn starch. The powder works very well compared to those bad cracks on your heels and is very easy to use again.

This is how you use cornstarch: you can freely throw your heels on things before bed. Make sure the cracks are well covered with corn starch. Then, put on socks and go to bed. Wash the cornstarch in the morning and after a while, you will notice that your heels are starting to cool down and become smoother again. Are the cracks in your heels really deep? After that it may be easier to start putting your feet up with a special foot file. After that, just use cornstarch as instructed above and the trick will help you again.

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